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Calvin Harris and the Cinzano debacle

Saturday, January 5, 2008

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And so that was Christmas. And what have we done? Well, bugger all other than eat and drink actually. On Christmas day alone I gained an astounding 5lb. This sudden weight gain combined with the sinking feeling that many of last year’s resolutions will have to be rolled over to this year, has kick started a new sense of urgency to Get Things Done (though so far I’m resisting the advice to sort my entire life into piles).

So I’m making only one modest addition to last year’s good intentions. After a brief trip to Paris at the end of November I half-resolved that it’d be bloody marvellous to live there for a while at some point. The city feels a little headier and more compact than London, and so I’ve been listening to the not-great-but-not-terrible learn french by podcast podcast, and I’ll be picking up a 12-week course from February to brush up on my “mais oui” and “bien sur”.

Incidentally, one of the things that amuses me about podcasts is that lots of them seem to have ever-so-slightly self-conscious theme music that doesn’t really seem to know what it’s there for. And it’s apparently a small industry in its own right – the creators of the Twit (This Week In Tech) podcast theme say “A theme song will make your podcast sound professional right from the start”. Well. That’s me told.

More incidentally – if you’re a bit of a geek and haven’t yet subscribed to the Guardian’s Tech weekly podcast, do so now. First episode was a little down on 2007 but was pretty insightful and very-well put together.

To finish, here’s a reassuring list of nice things that I lack the skill to weave into a paragraph:

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