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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Here are a few things I’ve been listening to so far this year – I’m on the look out for some new aural stimulation, and trusty recommendations can only go so far before you need a bit of good old word-of-blog, so if you have a minute let me know what’s been floating your musical boat in the comments

The Fourers

Sing-along pop/rock – Next To Nothing has me adding my own questionable vocal harmonies. In the shower. Whilst my housemate’s friends cower in the bedroom next door. They do fall into the indie four beats / four chords trap occasionally but hey, they’re called The Fourers, and they normally manage to save themselves from oblivion with unexpected synths and the odd melodic turn.

Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax with comb and hornicator

The whole world should go and see Thomas Truax. With some unlikely raw meterials such as motors, spoons, wheels, spokes, a comb, some strings, ducting, dogs and moons, this man creates nothing short of a genius. He’s playing around the UK in March and April. Book it, book it, book it now. Diddly-do.

The Feeling

What’s their new single about, exactly? The thing I liked about The Feeling last year was that they had an instant, viral appeal. I couldn’t stop listening to the ebola-esque 12 Stops And Home, but it really wiped me out after a few weeks. On this single, they’ve pulled out considerably more than 12 stops: more is more, apparently, and I personally think they could’ve done with paring things down a bit, and perhaps lending a few of the extraneous leftovers to…

Hot Chip

…, who have really excelled themselves with the yawning void that is Ready For The Floor (listen). It sounds like exactly the sort of thing you’d be stuck in front of on the nightbus when trying to sleep. Not really a desert island disc (though it’d be fun to watch Joanna Lumley reprise her role as Girl Friday with this as a looping soundtrack).

Rod Thomas

Repeaters have more fun with Rod Thomas. First heard at Glastonbury last year, you can often hear him around various underground stations putting his Welsh-valley lungs to good use. His voice is incredibly strong, and he’s a master both of layering up great pop songs and making his audience fizz. Great stuff.

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  1. wo-wo-wo-wowww!

    on February 23rd, 2008

  2. Kylie’s strictly confined to Friday afternoons in our office though, Robin. Need suggestions for the rest of the week!

  3. Woooooo Truax. I’ve been a bit crap at buying stuff so far this year, but the British Sea Power and Magnetic Fields albums are both very good. And I’m excited about new ones from Nick Cave and Tindersticks in March.

  4. Los Campesinos! The saviours of ‘proper’ indie. Any band that references Sarah Records can do no wrong in my eyes.

    on February 27th, 2008

  5. Quite digging the Soulwax remixes but not listened properly yet. Managed to get hold of the new Elbow album too, which sent me right to sleep from East Acton to Tottenham Court Road on the central line today. It’s quite inoffensive…

    on March 2nd, 2008

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