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Two whole weeks off in London

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The last time i had two consecutive weeks to myself was a very long time ago. Even at university, when only 30 weeks a year were spent in lectures, there wasn’t ever a time when I wasn’t staying up doing overnight recording sessions to finish off my portfolio or checking other people’s data entry to make ends meet.

So from Friday, aside from a visit to my family up in Wales, I’m pretty much free as a bird, with all of credit-crunched London at my disposal.

What’s a boy to do?

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  1. What a coincidence – I find myself in the same situation this morning, waking up to two weeks with all of fabulous nothing to do.

    I’m thinking of going canoeing on the River Lee at some point. There’s a place up in Tottenham where you can hire a kayak for £30 a day. Now if the weather would just improve a bit I’m set. I got a voucher for some drawing lessons when I left my last job, so I think I’ll do that for a day too.

    Those are my only big exciting ideas. Otherwise I plan to spend an afternoon or two in the cinema, and probably one having a cheeky pint or two as well.

    Hope you have a relaxing break whatever you get up to. Anything in particular you’re planning?

    on October 20th, 2008

  2. There is always the delights of Londonist’s London on the cheap for these credit crunching times.

    I’m plotting to dig out the guide to London I bought when I moved here and pick out and visit a museum I wouldn’t know about. Or failing that, one can lose days in the V&A and the British Museum.

  3. Jonathan – I’ve never been kayaking! Shameful. It’s an excellent idea. Might need somewhere with guidance though.

    Meg – thanks for the londonist thing! Hadn’t seen that before, though I am a big fan of Urban Junkies – pretty comprehensive guide to what’s on on a day-to-day basis. Especially good for new bars.

    Definitely want to also take advantage of Time Out’s latest 2 for 1 offer which is valid until the end of October 2008.

  4. You should become an actor… I have two weeks off all the time…

    - T

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