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LASEK diary: three weeks in

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This is the tenth in a series of posts describing my personal experience of having laser eye surgery in February 2012. To start at the beginning, go back to the first post in the series.

Thursday 23rd February: at the beginning of this week I decided to take it as easy as I possibly could. I I was kindly allowed to take some extra holiday at short notice so worked half days this week in order to properly rest my eyes from the computer, I stopped cycling and running in order to give my body a chance to heal, and have been eating super-healthy and no boozing.

It seems to have paid off – suddenly my right eye is pretty clear, overnight. My left eye still has double vision but suddenly I’m able to read things close up much more easily, which is great.

I’m still finding that my eyesight is best in the morning or just after eye drops, but at this point I’d be confident enough to drive a short distance in the day time. By evening my night vision is still a bit rough and I’m getting flare and ghosting (only from the left eye now) around lights.

So – three weeks in, and getting there. Thankfully the eye drop regime has now dropped to just FML (like the hashtag) every four hours, which I have to take until six weeks have passed.

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  1. I didn’t know you could get FML in liquid form, sounds best avoided.

  2. I know, right. I didn’t know all the emo kids in the world were actually using that hashtag to talk about anti-inflammatories.

  3. Any update on this Simon? Hope things are improving.

    on March 28th, 2012

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