2010 London Marathon Training: Week 2

Compared with last week, this week’s training has been much more full-on. The achilles niggle was sorted after a week off pounding the streets, and I managed to get four pretty decent runs in. My body’s really not used to this sort of behaviour though, and I’ve been sleeping like a log, solidly, all week. No-one tells you that starting to train in earnest will drain your energy so!

I’ve also cut down the boozing which, when there’s an appreciable amount of wine and gin in the house, means I’m going to have to find new uses for all this undrunk alcohol. Bicep curls with Bombay Sapphire maybe?

  • Days to go: 99
  • Miles this week: 17.8
  • Eating: Thai Chicken Curry
  • Alcohol: Yes please! Oh. Um. 12 units.

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