The best laid training plans…

Gang aft agley. The last couple of weeks I’ve been hit with with a few setbacks.

It’s worth mentioning first off that Howard and I managed a decent 12-miler around Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill, down along the canal through Camden and King’s Cross to Angel, before heading down through the City to cross over the river and head back up over Waterloo bridge to finish. We didn’t set any speed records but it felt good to run a long way in the low sun, seeing so much of the city in one go.

A few days and shorter runs later though my achilles started to play up again. As it got no better this week I finally went to see a physio on Friday who taped up my leg, suggested switching to cycling for a week, perhaps some new trainers (which don’t correct my over-pronation quite so much) and some exercises for my glutes (I have a weak butt, allegedly). All of which not ideal but in no way showstopping.

Weaving through Covent Garden on my return to work from the physio however, I slipped and fell down a metal staircase, landing on my left hand and bum. After an excruciating 90-min work meeting I took myself to A&E where they informed me I have a fractured metacarpal.


I have a splint which I’m wearing for the next few weeks and i’m just hoping it heals quickly, though there is still a fair bit of swelling as the above shows. With tying shoelaces and putting t-shirts on a bit of a challenge, I’ve realised this is going to limit my training options still further.

  • Days to go: 71
  • Typing with: one hand
  • Feeling: undeterred
  • Eating: food which can be eaten with a spork

4 thoughts on “The best laid training plans…”

  1. I went to the Triathlon show in Esher today. Triple Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington was there. She broke her wrist cycling on ice, Jan 2nd, was training two days after the operation and covering distances of 20-40k.

    Whilst she’s obviously more awesome than 99.999% of us, it can be done dude, and with a smile on your face too!

    Bring it on!

  2. ouch! that sounds like something i’d do, like the time i fell over on the way to give blood, cut my hand and they wouldn’t let me give blood. but they did give me plasters and gave me a biccy.

    also, do you reckon that correcting your over pronation has been straining your achillies heel? I think I need to do something about mine I’m always turning my rubbish bendy ankle when I’m running/walking

    1. I think it might partly be my trainers over-correcting the pronation, but more likely it’s due to core stability. Apparently Pilates is a good complement to running.

  3. So sorry to hear that you had a set-back in your training, but am pleased you’re getting use out of that Spork I bought you! I hope your wrist & heel are feeling better now xx

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