LASEK diary: day 6

This is the sixth in a series of posts describing my personal experience of having laser eye surgery in February 2012. To start at the beginning, go back to theĀ first post in the series.

Six days in – Wednesday 8th February. Today my sight has deteriorated a bit. After some delight yesterday at being able to use my iPhone close up without having to bump the text size up, that has become difficult again, and distance vision has deteriorated.

Apparently vision is quite variable (and mostly quite poor) to begin with as the epithelium, the surface layer of cells on the cornea, begins to heal. The damaged cells need to be replaced, which can take a month or more. I’m still a long way from having vision good enough to work and I certainly wouldn’t go driving.

Today’s medication routine is still…

  • anti-inflammatory every other hour
  • refresh every other hour (alternately)
  • anti-biotic four times a day
  • vitamin c (500g twice a day)

No painkillers, though.

Getting a bit bored of listening to French podcasts now.

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