Taking the decision to start a masters degree

It’s the middle of 2016. I’ve been asked to take on a strategic lead role at work.

But I don’t formally know anything about strategy.

Following a short period of mild alarm and a few sleepless nights, I decide to look into my options for further study. After hunting for short courses and face-to-face offerings, I feel they are either too light, or too expensive.

As I work for a subsidiary of the Open University, it’s possible to undertake credit-bearing courses at a reduced rate. I peruse online modules and settle on the first module of the MBA program, management perspectives and practice, also snappily known as module B716.

I dig out my first degree certificate, send in my CV and submit my application.

Then the worries really set in.

What would happen to my free time?

Will I have a social life?

Can I still write academically, after eleven years without doing so?

What if it’s really boring?

Fast forward to now, and I’m looking back having completed the first year, part time. It’s been a ride.

I’m hoping to lay out my experience, warts and all, of this first year of study with the OU, over a series of blog posts here. I hope to also continue it periodically as I continue through my second year of study.

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