Weeknotes #10


A really hectic but fun week:

  • I’m three quarters through a 10-week programme of exercise / sensible eating to lose 4kg. More on this sometime in the future, but so far I’ve lost 3kg so I’m pretty happy with how it’s going, and I’ve got way more energy. Mostly writing this for future reference: this stuff is not rocket science and it works.
  • Started in earnest working with Britten: getting to know the lay of the land. One of the more complex set of stakeholder relationships to unpick and figure out, but it’s a fun challenge.
  • Shenanigans renewing my British Library readers’ pass, followed by a lot of reading on research ethics and approaches, and designing a programme of interviews & surveys that I’ll be running in the coming weeks for my masters dissertation
  • Babysitting in a heatwave, which involved painting, naps, and playgrounds where the slides were a bit too hot to go on
  • Cycling around when it is simultaneously 37 degrees and thundering. Drenched midway, dry by the time I got home. WTF, London?
  • Watching politics move from dumb to dumber
  • Finally got to see Mag in the City Academy singers’ concert, Human. They are a great group, led by impressive and charismatic conductor and arranger Eamonn O’Dwyer
  • A quite special fundraising gig with the Barberfellas in support of ELOP at Waltham Forest Pride at the very friendly Wild Card brewery. Lots of great other queer acts and friends were performing, including Belt Up, Sophie of Colours and Sparks and Iron and Sparks. Technical reflections on the performance: having a really good mic setup and good foldback really helped us achieve solid intonation and blending despite being slightly unbalanced (3 basses / 1 bari / 2 leads / 2 tenors).

AND, the courgettes are starting to be harvested. They look like triffids. Tasty, tasty triffids.

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