Weeknotes #14


Late weeknotes, from Spain.

Had a birthday – with a giant cake, lots of amazing music, friends and sweltering temperatures.


Perhaps it’s the back-to-school time of year but the inbox has been busy to put it mildly in the last couple of weeks. A proposed continuation with Britten, a reignited lead in Copland and a go-ahead with an old proposal for Sibelius. And a bit of forward planning for sessions with Mozart in a couple of weeks. Now to plot all the leads onto the calendar.

Interviews for my MBA have made me realised how little I communicate what’s happening with my business, and the sort of work I’m after, to my network. This is pretty fundamental to entrepreneurs so something I can swiftly improve on – once the study is complete…


Big focus of this week. I now have a dissertation document underway and a skeleton of what I need to include in it. My last research interviews are wrapping up this week and early next. I’ve learned an awful lot in the process of them and the process of sense-making and trying out new things is ongoing. Drafting continues over this week and next, ramping up big time in late September.


Enjoyed a couple of days spent exploring Valencia and now eating lovely food, writing and sleeping near Javea. There are lots of croquetas. I also went for my first run in about three years (of approximately 5k). The exercise I’ve been doing over the summer means this wasn’t aerobically a challenge and, crucially, I did not experience substantial plantar fascia pain which is a very exciting development. I may try another, carefully, to see if this was a fluke.

The world

Politics continues to be entirely chaotic and I can’t really keep my eye off it. General election in October/November? Oof.

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