Weeknotes #20 & 21


Two weeks slipped by without me visiting this place to have a little write, but here I am, better late than never.

It’s sunny in San Francisco and the temperature is a very pleasant 19 degrees, so inevitably I am exhausted and want to sleep the whole time.

Last week was a bit of a blur, with visits to Manchester (work), Liverpool (Keith Haring exhibition); delivering a workshop in less time than I thought I had (calendarial oversight). loads of fun culture stuff (We Dig @ Oval House), marching for the People’s Vote.

By far the stand-out was Cher at the O2, who was simply incredible, at 73. Countless costume changes, superb voice, sassy chat. A joy from start to finish. And basically everyone I knew, and their dogs, were in the arena somewhere.

This week has been mostly rest, a bit of work, meeting new humans (welcome Heston), and dodging wildfires. Predictably the body has decided to have its post-stress meltdown with lots of weird aches, pains and lurgy taking over. I’m hoping it’ll work its way out soon and normal service will be resumed.

Noteworthy reading this week

Are index funds communist? – this broke my brain a bit, but there’s some sense to the suggestion that capitalism and the free market become redundant once technology becomes the smartest way to assign capital

Do voters really want another general election? December 12 is the next general election (to quote Brenda, “Another one?”). When asked, though, this time voters would actually prefer another referendum if given the choice – a view I agree with. It’s the least messy way of putting Brexit to bed once and for all. But it’s obviously polarising leave / remain voters. Sir John Curtice, we’re going to need you in the coming weeks. Incidentally, Twitter’s decision to stop taking paid political advertising is shrewd and well argued. Which is a bit of a surprise.

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