Richmond Park being rudely summery under a blue sky

Weeknotes 2020 #9: snatches of normality


A few more slithers of free time, has meant a bit more life:

Finally watched Parasite, which was really enjoyable: long, compelling and a kindof funny / sad and a reminder of the scale of Seoul.

Ate this really lovely and v easy dish by Nigel Slater of aubergines, feta, cashews and ras el hanout.

Travelled to Wales for two days to see the folks. We shared an ice cream and walked along the promenade of Rhos on Sea in the drizzle. It was a tonic to get out to the seaside regardless of the weather. Furthest travel since, ooh, February. And, I read about flies flying in the rain. The answer is: they don’t, v much.

Listened to and enjoyed Jacob Collier’s tiny desk npr concert. I typically find the production of his music a bit much: slathered in post-production, but this is a bit simplier, more playful, and lets some of the hooks of his songs lodge properly in the brain. Also, I covet all the things in his room.

Played through some old piano music that my Dad found in a box and was instantly transported back to the nineties – snatched moments of practice between getting home from school and everyone else getting home. Between it all, I haven’t played for ages. Practicing at home at the moment feels indulgent given the house is a bit full, but perhaps I can find a few minutes each day to start brushing up some old Bach and Beethoven. It feels extremely good.

Finished reading Why I’m No Longer Talking… (like every other white person in the last couple of months, it feels) and now I’m onto Girl, Woman, Other.

Ran around the local parks and squares for a princely eight minutes. Ten years ago I was running 40/50 miles a week but plantar fasciitis put a stop to it. Since that seemingly is easing (after four painful years, orthotics, exercises, scans, the lot) I’m trying couch to 5k with Jo Whiley telling me how brilliant I am. My mileage quite literally may vary, but the app is well made and, having tried a bunch of these things over the years, the approach feels eminently doable.

Cycled to glorious Richmond Park to see the deer, now that it is allowed again. It felt like a holiday all by itself and only took an hour to get there.

Work is still basically full on with Britten, although things like days off (such as five in a row) and sensible evening finishes are back on the menu [or at least, I am forcing them on to it, after a long period of, er, not].

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