Weeknotes #4


Short weeknotes this week, in which June felt like January, essays were being finalised and plans for a busy summer of research and new clients were coming together.

A few things continue to get to me this week and I’m still pondering what to do about them:

  • Observing the unfolding leadership contest of the Conservative party is like watching a dreadful Etonion Inbetweeners movie
  • It’s not news when Trump tweets some faux-pinion (like last night, when he again called Sadiq Khan a ‘disaster’, citing Katie Hopkins as his evidence base. Predictably, this briefly topped the BBC News website. But this cannot be news. I wish the mainstream media would grow an flippin’ pancreas and not let their blood sugar spike based on any old regurgi-twaddle that comes out of that man’s mouth.

In more prosaic news, I switched to Todoist to manage my daily tasks about a month ago and now I can’t live without it. The raspberry bushes started fruiting in spite of the gloomy skies, and I’m squirrelling away the fruit that doesn’t end up in my mouth into the freezer for turning into ice cream.

The Pink Singers performed incredibly on Saturday night as usual, accompanied by the elegant Omphalos Voices from Perugia. I would love groups like these to be able to use their musical prowess to reach larger audiences and help tackle some of the awful polarisation in our society (which have led, it was reported this week, to a huge surge in homophobic hate crimes). Understanding the complex underlying reasons behind this rise is key to making sure all our flourishing LGBTQ organisations can effectively act to counter this kind of behaviour.

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