Weeknotes #5


A busy week split between client work and an assignment deadline this week, so short weeknotes.


One of the things I’m reflecting on this week is knowing when to be hands-on vs hands-off in developing communities of practice at Triple Sharp. I coach individuals one-to-one with a well-defined structure and framework; but I also work with groups to help nurture company-based communities of practice – these help product teams to develop their craft and shape create the necessary organisational change to help with this.

There’s a moment where communities of practice become self-sustaining and don’t need me to drive the momentum. But judging that moment is hard. At the moment my approach is to do it earlier than I might need to, and watch and quietly coach where things might go slightly astray.

I need to ponder this further but in the meantime I might sound out individuals from client Mozart and see what consensus (if any) arises.

In other work news: am dealing with a couple of complex prospects for the autumn.


Sunshine, exercise, my super-fast-growing courgettes, and a lot of visitors from afar are providing some smiles.

Oh and the new Tales of the City series on Netflix is GREAT.

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