Weeknotes #6


Normally weeknotes are a Sunday morning activity, but this week it’s happening early because I’m trying to finish a bunch of work and about to go to Glastonbury.

This week’s mini-triumph (I think?) has been resurrecting my 8-year-old Macbook Pro. It succumbed to a well-known graphics defect (a flaw with the AMD GPU) and during its warranty life had three logic board replacements, free of charge from Apple, to resolve the issue. Now out of warranty, I’d assumed that when the issue recurred I would be unable to solve it.

Thanks to the cool kids at realMacMods, a lot of software patching, removing a resistor (!) from the logic board, and a little bit of feeling in the dark, the issue is resolved and my powerhouse computer is back up and running. The daft thing is this machine still feels faster than my 2017 Macbook Air which I use for dashing about, even if bits are hanging off it and it no longer can run a second screen.

Anyway: nerd victory: and better for the planet to keep old stuff working too.

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