Weeknotes #16


Going in reverse this week.

  • A solid couple of days work on the dissertation – grounded analysis of interviews and first draft of the introductory sections. This will be the mainstay of my life for the next 18 days.
  • Saw an incredible one-person play, A Generous Lover, at the Camden People’s Theatre by La John Joseph. A real triumph of humour, storytelling, sound design and music. A must-see. Which also reminded me to work harder to beg/steal/borrow tickets for Burgerz again at Southbank Centre)
  • Spending a lot of time looking at rehearsal planning, warm-up techniques and the like for the Barberfellas. Five new songs to learn in the coming months (three of which I need to arrange)
  • Four days working at Mozart and one at Britten this week, plus a call with Sibelius and a draft proposal for Copland.
  • I’ve rejoined the Pink Singers this season and, well, it doesn’t half make me glad. Short rehearsal on Sunday and a lovely cycle in the autumn sunshine were both extremely restorative.
  • Restarted a fitness programme although so far I’ve not managed to make it to the gym because there’s so much on. Food habits are beginning to change again. Will hopefully get a couple of short sessions in this weekend. Needs must.

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