Weeknotes #17


Life and death this week. A new nephew, L, and a passing of an acquaintance. Both making quite an impact on the mental capacity and time-space continuum. L’s favourite pastimes are wriggling and hiccuping.

Sleep-deprived, work and study continue. The final push on the dissertation has begun and the end of the tunnel approaches rather quickly with its blinding light bringing everything into sharp (and sometimes too sharp) focus. The writing continues in earnest, accompanied by a soundtrack of albums I was listening to when completing my first dissertation in early 2005 (who knew last.fm went back that far): Bjork’s Vespertine, Nitin Sawhney’s Beyond Skin – and more to come this week.

Work-wise: Britten begins in earnest again in November and the first light week in a few months beckons with just a little Mozart to cover off. Copland and Sibelius proposals out, and if there’s time this week a little bit of branding and marketing development will get underway. Time for the consultancy to grow up a bit.

Hardly any leisure funs but did sneak out to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the basement of Ally Pally which was lighthearted fun although I’m not sure the space and the import of the place added anything in particular to the performance of a play that, shockingly, I’d never seen. I’m now making it my mission to fill in the Shakespeare gap in my life.

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