Weeknotes #23 & #24

Escape from Planet Trash

If there’s one thing that brings a beaming smile to my face it’s a bunch of queers doing clever cabaret and Escape from Planet Trash was my jam this November: a fun gender-queer space-romp by Ginger Johnson and the crew, plus fantastic music (including an Elvis-style Mysterious Girl) from my musical-crush Sarah Bodalbhai.

Elsewhere, life is happening apace: a lot of singing, including a workshop with barbershop performer extraordinaire, Dale Kynaston; arranging band parts for the upcoming Pink Singers concert; somewhat nervously awaiting the MBA result; preparation for the impending winter festival shenanigans.

Work-wise I’m back into full swing for the foreseeable with Britten and Mozart taking up pretty much all my time, and a bit of Sibelius is scheduled for later in the month as well as some exploratory calls with Glass. It’s good to be busy.

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