Weeknotes #25


Entirely full weeks at the moment – 100% capacity with work means a few things spilling into the weekend: not ideal, and a reminder not to do this very often. But, the work is interesting and rewarding and I am very thankful for this. The coming weeks involve a fair bit of businessy travel: Manchester, Brussels and Helsinki. Somehow all before Christmas. I’m not used to it, and I’m a bit intimidated.

In other news I’ve been trying (with a few others) to find a rehearsal venue for my choir and it is hard work. The number of spaces suitable for artistic groups in London is vanishingly small and often eye-wateringly expensive. We are trying out some creative routes (how about those giant office spaces that sit empty over the weekend in the city?) but it’s tough and time-consuming work. I wonder if there’s an opportunity in here somewhere to link corporates with small groups that need affordable space; perhaps it already exists.

Vegan Christmas dinner at Stem & Glory on Wednesday night with some old friends was a total delight and the food was sensational. We also shared a bottle of English red (Bolney Estate Lychgate) which was surprisingly good, and a reminder to eat local and lower carbon as much as possible.

I finally fixed my bike up and have been zooming everywhere on it this week; still the fastest and healthiest way to get around London (even if the air is crap).

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