Weeknotes 2020 #1: Stupiduary


The sun has barely risen over the horizon TWENTY FOUR TIMES before I had the time to type words into this particular box.

Firstly, the plague, which came on during posting the last update, persevered well into the second week of January. Well, it was going to happen.

Secondly, unexpectedly inheriting Elvis the puggle, for the foreseeable. Puggles have only really been around since the 1980s. Maybe this accounts for the apocalyptic farts.

Thirdly, all the work. All of it. All the time. I have run five workshops, MC’d an away day for 200 people, and most unusually, chaired a panel discussion of headteachers. All the days are full. I am on the other hand thankful that I am gainfully employed doing interesting work, and apparently being useful.

Fourthly, fuck alcohol. Seriously. Fuck the entire industry of alcohol. The number of people whose lives I know have been ruined entirely or turned upside down by proxy by it, is overwhelming.

Fifthly, UK finally leaving the EU and pushing itself out into the middle of the atlantic to complete obscurity at the end of the month. Silver lining: had to renew my UK passport this month, and it is still burgundy not blue so I have another ten years before I have to deal with that ridiculousness. Also, thankful for Irish heritage.

Sixthly, ordering low-maintenance dinners on Ocado, Tom Stuart’s instagram recipes, Sex Education, a sneaky trip to see Knives Out have been lifelines.

Seventhly, is it even winter? Or is this just a darker version of September? Where’s the sleet?

Eighthly, I floated on air for a full week after singing at the Pink Singers sell out concert on the 11th. This group gives me life. We performed four of my arrangements. It was a lovely experience. Finally got a chance for Jess, aka The Bleeding Obvious, to perform with us. Even better.

A small but growing list of things I’m curious or excited about for 2020

  • Social media is mostly junk now, so planetary.social is a good idea and I hope it works, for everyone, and survives the inevitable (and valid) criticism.
  • I’m hoping to take a train to Moscow and back. Via some other places probably because it’ll get a bit boring otherwise.
  • And, separately, Milan.

  • Not studying! Jokes. I am hoping to take up piano lessons again. Need to figure out how.

It’s Friday night. It’s time for no more computers.

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