Weeknotes 2020 #2: get bread done


Since last time:

  • Attended ShmooCon and learned, among other things, all about how not to respond to a fundamental hack (looking at you, Zoom), and how the teens are obfuscating their identities from companies’ algorithms by sharing each others’ accounts in trust networks (a bit like people who swap Tesco clubcards with each other). The intersection between western sociology and technology here gets wild pretty quickly. Suffice to say, users won’t use your thing as you envisaged.

  • Started and finished Sex Education series 1 & 2. I can’t really rave about this show any more; it is basically perfect. If I had had access to something as life-affirming as this when I was fifteen, instead of living with section 28, Ally McBeal, This Life, and Dawson’s flipping Creek, I guarantee my development would have accelerated swiftly. Instead of feeling bitter, I shall rejoice that we live in an age where this show can be created and thrive, and be renewed for a third season.

  • The UK left the EU! I have retained my EU citizenship through my mum. Thanks mum. Anyhow, the sunlit uplands of Brexit were quickly lashed by Storm Ciara and a guy in Brighton has had to apologise for inadvertently spreading coronavirus after an unassuming visit to Singapore and the Swiss alps within the last two weeks. Quite a start to the year he’s had. I wonder if all Brexit voters will share his feeling of accidentally opening a can of whoopass in the years to come.

  • I’ve got tonsillitis. It is quite literally a pain in the neck and the second properly debilitating thing I’ve had this year (which is merely 6 weeks old). To the doctor to examine what’s going on with all this shenanigans.

  • Made quite a lot of bread: and I think I’m getting the hang of it. The most recent loaves turned out really well. I’m using Bake With Jack’s basic sourdough recipe which is low-mess & low stress. Good. The trick is, don’t skimp on the kit. Overnight proving in a banneton makes all the difference to a good rise (as well as making sure the starter is really active)
  • Stumbled upon some useful posts by Tom Critchlow on working as an independent consultant that I’m definitely bookmarking for future use, alongside Peter Block’s book Flawless Consulting which I refer back to time and again.

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