Weeknotes #50: tilting to the light

  • The weather has decided to take the transition to British Summer Time quite literally by providing the most abrupt shift I’ve ever witnessed from frigid cloud to blazing sun and 23 degree days.
  • I’ve always thought it quite ironic that British Summer Time lasts seven months when we know full well it really lasts about five minutes
  • Really busy tying up loose ends with lots of things and discussing future work and and and. Lots and lots of context switching.
  • Loads of films this week too courtesy of BFI Flare: and they were all brilliant in different ways. Not a dud among the bunch. What a treat. All well worth a watch: Dramarama, Rurangi, Sweetheart, Sublet, Cowboys, Jump Darling, Cured, and P.S. Burn This Letter Please.
  • Watching a queer film every night has led to an unusual calm sense of belonging to the world: seeing something every day that features people like you. Makes you realise how much you miss it when it’s over.
  • Like Tom I’m impatient about getting a vaccine. I keep walking past the Francis Crick Institute, our most local vaccine centre, with fluttering eyelashes, but nothing. Will be at least another month I guess.
  • I’ve been trying to take a picture every day on Instagram this year. It’s been a real slog during the lockdown but it has been an exercise in appreciating the everyday in a way that works better for me than McMindfulness (thanks to Laura for this podcast tip)
  • Recently discovered the Duolingo spanish podcast which is genuinely pretty great.
  • Embarked on a new sourdough starter. Why not.
  • Genuinely incensed by this government claiming there is no structural racism in the UK. The BMJ sum it up quite well in their riposte.
  • Having a little week off, which also means a week off of weeknotes. Back mid April.

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