Weeknotes #51: on embracing the things we’re mediocre at

  • Because we’re allowed to meet up with people we know in three dimensions, I’ve jumped back on the unfamiliar bandwagon that is ‘socialising’.
  • Outside, with layers, of course.
  • I returned a guitar that I’d borrowed nine years ago from a friend, with the intention to learn. I am very glad to be able to return it. I failed to use it to learn, and my friend’s children now have a beautiful instrument around should they feel inclined. It was also a delight to catch up. She reflected on how lockdown has taught her to embrace the things we’re mediocre at. This really resonated with me: I left feeling sorry that I never properly made use of the opportunity to learn. So I have acquired a new guitar, and that is a little project for 2021. My aim is simply to double the number of chords I can remember from my teens from four to eight. Hopefully achievable.
  • But, I scalded my right thumb steaming carrots, so I’ll probably wait for that to heal up a bit first.
  • I’m extremely bored of (my own) cooking.
  • So many ideas come from these random conversations with others, that have completely dried up in the last year. I hope this year brings a bit more inspiration.
  • Which reminds me, in September last year I picked up a book on Jazz piano. I spent a good couple of hours going through it at first and have failed to return to it, partly because the piano is currently buried under a sea of life admin. So, that’s going on the project list too…
  • I read The Freelance Bible by Alison Grade on recommendation of Nigel and wish I’d read it about three years ago, nonetheless it is useful and contains lots of things I’ve learned through the MBA and/or the hard way and some good ideas of things to do next.
  • Trying to get a builder to come and do All The Things in our house has reminded me how much I hate trying to get builders to come and do all the things. Is there a way to shortcut this? I wish.
  • I’ve set up an (infrequent) monitoring service on the book a vaccine website and it’s telling me about every content design change that’s made, which is pleasing the inner nerd in me.
  • I’ve been watching Deutschland 86/89 and I feel like I need a miro board of plot just to keep a vague sense of wtf is happening // it’s a (somewhat ridiculous) reminder that messy is inevitable, and okay.
  • Baking bread again. Tasty AF (where AF stands for autolyse ferment of course)

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