Weeknotes #52: Deadlines

  • I’ve only a couple of deadlines at the moment which feels pretty delicious.
  • Busier again from next week, so making the most of a final quieter week to tie up some life admin loose ends, and trying to assess and juggle various leads coming in to achieve the right fit of work over the summer.
  • Still no vaccine, but the progress through age cohorts seems faster than online calculators might suggest and I am keeping a little eye out for end-of-day surplus at the local centres. No dice so far.
  • Really saddened by the relentless new surge happening in India and thinking about all my friends in Rainbow Voices Mumbai for whom singing together must feel a long way off right now.
  • For many years now I’ve suffered from foot woe, most recent diagnosis and physio was last October. I’m getting really sick of it and have launched an all-out attack of 10 alternating physio exercises every day before breakfast (habit chaining), tracking using a spreadsheet. It’s a bit of a high governance approach but so far it’s working and I’ve managed to do it nearly every day for a few weeks. No sign of significant improvement yet but I’m in this one for the long haul.
  • I listened to the audiobook of Blood and Sugar and it was absolutely as gripping as reading it with my actual eyes.
  • Watching The Serpent. Never has one TV show contained so much vomit.
  • I got accepted onto a three day short course at the NFTS in May on composing for film – a bit of a side-step but a skill I want to try and rediscover in my spare time, having not really done anything like this for many years.
  • Yousician has taught me some basic guitar fingering. As a pianist it feels like I’m arriving on a different planet to see how they approach making music.
  • The long-term project to make a dance track out of noises Elvis the pug makes is coming along slowly but surely. I now have at least 16 samples of his various snuffle-pop-arfs thanks to Koala.

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