Weeknotes #54: injections

  • Thank you to the lovely Anke at the Francis Crick Institute for giving me a nice dose of lovely AstraZeneca make-feel-nice coronavirus-busting juice.
  • After the initial euphoria, I was knocked sideways for a day and had to stay in bed playing computer games, but I’m feeling a bit better now.
  • Otherwise, a really good week.
  • Work is very much in questioning and finding the challenges mode, so lots of conversations and whiteboarding and connecting dots. Adjusting to not being 100% in delivery mode is taking a bit of time.
  • I took a three day course (on zoom) with the NFTS on composing for screen, led by Mathias Nielsen. It was extremely inspiring, fun, and useful – and I need to keep the momentum from this going.
  • Decided to try out Line of Duty to see what all the fuss was about. Have already hoovered up Seasons 1 and 2. So drama! Such ethics! Or as they might say in Essex, effics.
  • It’s Eurovision week this week and I’m 100% ready.
  • Collecting samples of Elvis the dog noises using the Koala sampler is taking a while, but I’ve collected about 32 nuggets of arf and there’s probably enough to make a simple kick / plop / fizz drum backing.

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