Weeknotes #55: connecting

  • Went out to see friends three times and it was mostly very tiring, cold and wet. But I’m trying to persevere with this socialising thing.
  • Elvis our dog’s separation anxiety is pretty extreme, which is understandable given that his owner of 10 years did simply disappear one day and never come back. We need to start a strict process to get him used to us not being around, but the pandemic has made that less important because we haven’t really needed to leave the house in 15 months.
  • Hitting the groove with work, smashing through acronyms, facilitating conversations, slowly seeing potential ways forward.
  • Eurovision happened! Poor James Newman. He didn’t deserve to come last. But the field was strong this year. Lots of treats and earworms.
  • I’ve been continuing to chat with film crew I met on the course I took a couple of weeks ago and we’ve agreed to set ourselves some peer assignments which I’m looking forward to completing. I’ve been nerding out since over various Logic Pro tutorials, books; videos about what makes the Marvel universe movie music so unmemorable, and this really quite instructive two-hour lecture on scoring a short film from start to finish by Jono Buchanan at Goldsmiths. A better advert for their degree courses is hard to imagine.
  • Talking of Logic, all this recent musicing made me want to open up and listen to some old creations, except I couldn’t. I made a lot of them in Logic Express on an old Windows XP machine between 2000-4. Converting them to be usable in 2021 involved finding a (licensed) copy of Logic Pro 7.2 from 2006 –with a valid USB-A dongle key – to save in a format that is openable by modern software. Luckily a very nice choir director in Germany did the converts for me for a nominal price. Moral of the story: digital housekeeping is a thing. I learned a lot about the potential and pitfalls of emulation on the way, mind.
  • Continuing with significant physio on my foot every day to fix the PTTD, but making really negligible progress, and this is getting me down a bit. Its’s a slow burn.
  • Struggled a bit lately with weeknotes (to the point where I even procrastinated into applying a new theme to the blog). Cory’s post on the memex method has given be a bit more inspiration to write and structure more often.

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