Weeknotes #65: finally, it happened to me

  • Lady rona finally deigned to come and visit, with comically bad timing. It’s pretty nasty, even after vaccination. On the other hand, the freezer is well stocked, and I had a week off of work anyway, so I’m just going to suck it up and catch up on some sleep and podcasts and maybe attempt to make some soup.
  • I now have faith in lateral flow tests. I was beginning to think they were all make believe.
  • Before being forced horizontal by the ‘vid, life approached normal: decent stints in the office, regular gym visits, trains, vocal workshops, family visits.
  • I also did some basic DIY and made a little under-desk shelf for my midi keyboard. I’m pleased with it because I’m terrible at this stuff, but it doesn’t interfere with knees, and it is perfect for my music making workflow. Happy.
  • Covid + war news is a pretty bleak combination so trying to a) minimise exposure to just the most useful analysis, b) keep in touch with the positive messages from friends in Ukrainian queer choirs who have managed to escape the country to Poland, Bulgaria and elsewhere, and c) take heart from plants coming back to life inside and out the house as a reminder that spring follows winter always.
  • I saw Dune and really, really enjoyed the unrelenting analogue nature of everything and of course the soundscapes / soundtrack. [It is basically just a remake of Tremors though innit?]
  • On turning 40: a rather lovely, bittersweet but hopeful essay on reaching a milestone we focus on a little too much.
  • People don’t work as much as you think: another in a long line of proofs on how productive we should expect to be.
  • Late to the party but I want a Teenage Engineering OP-Z

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