Weeknotes #57: I’m coming home

A pretty hectic month all told between regular work and a secret (paid!) small music project that emerged sort of from nowhere.

  • It’s been great to sing again (socially distanced, of course) with big choir. But on Sunday someone tested positive and a bunch of us have been asked to self-isolate.
  • Which has meant a lot of time thinking about the bloody virus, again.
  • Staying at home is even harder when you can see thousands of people sitting next to each other at Wimbledon, or Wembley, for tennis or the Euros
  • But, even if the link between cases -> hospitalisations -> deaths has reduced, it isn’t broken yet, so I’m happy to stay home just in case.
  • Although, at some point we’re all basically going to get this thing. It’s seems unlikely we’ll reach herd immunity.
  • Second vaccine in six days’ time. Bring it on.
  • In the meantime, tidying and gardening and pottering. It ain’t so bad.
  • In other news, we finally got fibre installed. Hooray. Internet that is not absolutely terrible. So far I’ve used all this new bandwidth to run tests to tell me how much bandwidth I could be using.
  • The football is about to start so I’m going to go and maybe not watch it.

Some links that have been flowing into my notion recently:

The Hungarian government continues its anti-LGBT stance by banning queer content in schools and on TV, which worked so well for those of us who grew up under section 28 here. It’s 2021. Urgh.

Really enjoyed Lilting, by Monsoon director Hong Khaou.

A little bit obsessed with this downwind cart that travels faster than the wind propelling it.

Hubble is 31. 31! I remember when it became operational. And boy is it hard to keep a computer running in space. Hope the fixes work.

This document on organisational design for public sector by the state services authority in Victoria, Australia has been helpful to me in the last few weeks.

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