Weeknotes #58: emerging, blinking into the daylight

A panel from the UK AIDS quilt that reads 'mum'

Bit of a break from this weeknotes lark, probably due to being able to leave the house a bit. Which is good, I think?

  • Went out out to see some theatre which was a bit mixed: Constellations (existential but quite thin) and Bach & Sons (beautifully staged but cringey writing)
  • Still extremely not cool with public spaces that are even slightly crowded. Enochlophobia is the latest flavour of covid anxiety.
  • So, still watching a ton of tele. Feel Good (bonkers), Chewing Gum (brilliant), King Gary (painful), The Night Manager (cheap Bond)…
  • Work is at its quietest for a little while (which is to say, still 3/4 days a week but enjoying having a little extra free time around the place for a while)
  • Went on a couple of micro-holidays! To the Cotswolds and to Margate! Got sunburn on both.
  • Started doing this Kygo course as a way to learn how to use Logic Pro again. It is ridiculous and quite fun. So far, I have learned in great detail
    • what a drop is (and how my understanding of pop song structure is stuck in the year 1999),
    • just how much better software samplers and synths have got in the last 15 years
    • just how capable my little computer and keyboard can be
    • the perils of peer-group interaction online and how to make a digital classroom feel as though there is a vibrant community in it (a challenge that the product and content teams faced a lot at FutureLearn)
  • Also been streaming quite a few Proms (Mozart’s last three symphonies were absolutely glorious), a bit of opera and also stumbled across this really fun RoH five-minute youth opera production from back in 2016, Watchers In The Wings.
  • The UK AIDS quilt was on display for two weekends only at Acorn House (former offices of Terrence Higgins Trust on Gray’s Inn Road, which is due to be demolished later this year). I actually didn’t know there had been a UK version of the enormous US quilt that ultimately covered the Mall in Washington DC in 1992. The UK equivalent, while smaller, still filled an entire 5-floor building and was absolutely overwhelming in every way. I’ve included some pictures below. It should be on permanent display.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of the quilt as I couldn’t make it in person. The covered panel is especially heartbreaking. Agree it should be on permanent display x

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