Weeknotes #59: wrapping the year

Quite appropriate that I only managed 21 weeknotes in the year 2021. I was aiming for every week. On the other hand, this is more than I managed in 2020. Progress!

Since last time…

  • Escaped the country twice – firstly to Greece, and then the USA.
  • I tried out F45, to try and and build some all-round strength and fitness, lose some weight and fix the never-ending foot woe. It hurts of course, and I’m not a massive fan of all the high-fiving but or me, it was good. I lost 3% of body fat within four weeks of the challenge – and my foot stopped hurting despite using it for all kinds of weird short-lived impact stuff. I will do it again if covid ever sorts itself out.
  • Remixed a Bright Light Bright Light song earlier in the year and to my surprise, it got published. First foray back into music production in quite some time. More on this in future posts I expect. Thanks to Mr Lowis for being my peer reviewer!
  • It’s been a while since I’ve had a semi-functioning studio so I have invested in a new Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and got my old Tannoy reveals out of their boxes for the first time in 13 years. They still work! I’m still baffled / annoyed that my old Digidesign (now Avid) Mbox2 is no longer compatible with my mac. Basic audio hardware should last for a lot longer than it does. On the plus side the Scarlett comes with a few freebies that I’m looking forward to playing with in the coming months.
  • The next thing I need is a new midi controller. I’ve been using an M-Audio Pro Keys for years, but it’s a heavy brute of a thing and I need something a bit more bijou.
  • Returning to music production has been really soothing in these testing times and I’m leaning well into it.
  • I took an instagram picture every day in 2021 in an attempt to be more mindful. In the end I found it a bit of a chore tbh. Not one to repeat.
  • In other news, I volunteered and did some stewarding for the vaccine rollout again. This was good if quite complicated (first jab? second jab? booster? how long since your last ones? first ones in China? had covid in the last four weeks? or 12 weeks if you’re little?)
  • Managed some sort of normal Christmas with the family (by cancelling every single other social event since 7 Dec)
  • Didn’t get coronavirus in 2021. I’m pretty sure 2022 will be the year it happens.
  • Renumbered weeknotes. It was too faffy having them numbered by year. So it turns out this is number 59. Happy 59!

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