Weeknotes #60: the new year begins

New year = new desk. I can heartily recommend having a little more space to spread out and the ability to adjust things to the right height. Getting old.

Like a sheep, I’ve succumbed to all the January trends:

  • Wordle (short episodic games ftw)
  • Don’t Look Up (uneven and unsure of itself, and ultimately forgettable but still quite good value)
  • The Tourist (a lot of time spent watching Jamie Dornan suffering an increasingly pungent t-shirt while driving and/or being driven around in the australian outback)

I’ve been doing Jamuary this year (thanks to Chris for introducing me to it via his soundcloud). So far it’s helped me get to grips with a new vocoder, find some good stuff on splice and help me get to know my new midi keyboard. The results are hardly ready for primetime but creating something most days is certainly helping get the subconscious idea juices flowing.

Jamuary is a bit easier to do as omicron is still stopping me doing most in-person things with other humans. On balance of risk I’m still doing barbershop singing, in a big airy room with the doors open which, at this time of the year, which necessitates a lot of layers.

I had to return a package to Amazon, and they suggested I do so at our local Fresh hub. I duly did so and was told I could spend £10 free in said Fresh hub, but only if I spent it IMMEDIATELY. This is how I came to panic-buy an oven-ready cauliflower cheese from the online-bookseller-turned-unethical-space-explorer with whom I once played werewolf by accident.

The washing machine drain blocked, flooding a good portion of our downstairs. A man with a big hose (easy tiger) sorted it and in the process of sorting through the mess we managed to recycle a small nation’s worth of plastic bags that had been compressed into the machine cupboard.

… I can understand why other animals hibernate for winter.

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