Weeknotes #61: relentlessly grey

  • It’s been relentlessly Gray in the news and somewhat grey in the weather, although a couple of spins out on the bike in the sunshine this week were welcome after there was only 1 hour of observed sunshine in London the whole second half of December
  • Because not much going out is happening, watched a load of films this week: Patrick (whodunnit at an 80s nudist forest campground in Belgium – more enjoyable than it sounds), No Time To Die (standard Bond fare but also somewhat bleak), plus three queer films: Sequin in a Blue Room (dark, queer coming-of-age-in-the-time-of-apps film – very stylish but quite troubling in places), Postcards from London (stylised 90s film about soho escorts), The Strong Ones (a Chilean film about two boys finding love in a very foggy place)
  • Saw a couple of Leigh Bowery’s wonderful outfits at a tiny exhibition at the Fitzrovia chapel, which itself was preserved while the entire Middlesex Hospital surrounding it was demolished and replaced with flats about ten years ago
  • Jamuary continued with a slightly bigger project, entering a remix challenge put on by Spitfire Audio of a Marshall Vincent track. I hadn’t heard of Marshall before this but now I have a crush on his music. Anyway: like, comment, subscribe etc:

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