Weeknotes #62: boots and cats

  • Jamuary entered a lull as work took over a bit last week, but hoping to get some sort of musical silliness happening this week.
  • Loads of covid around with family and friends, just as restrictions get lifted. Not great. Hoping that vaccination really does reduce the chances of long covid and that if I finally succumb this year (as seems inevitable) it’s only a little bout.
  • Quite literally ran out of shows that I want to watch on the TV (just found and started Ozark but I think that might be the last actual series left unwatched on the whole internet)
  • Beyond that, watched Jumbo (about a girl who falls in love with a fairground ride). It was surprisingly moving and amusing given the simplicity of the plot and I enjoyed the soundtrack which seemed to emerge naturally from the aesthetic of the picture, and in particular the characters’ themes (including Jumbo itself)
  • Quite enjoyed Phil’s list of best asks of 2021, in particular the best life upgrade during the pandemic and how do I become an artist, is it too late
  • Discovered byrdle, the only clone of wordle to feature solely words to do with choral music and so, obviously, I am into it.
  • Joined an informal book club and now working through Klara and the Sun
  • I decided to venture deeper into the world of cycle nerdery and bought myself some clipless shoes (confusing name because hardly anyone has toe clips on their bikes anymore). I’m using them with hybrid pedals and so far I haven’t fallen off, but I was initially finding cycling with them more annoying than useful. Finding the spot to clip in seems to happen either instantly or take several minutes. After a second trip out, to the velopark, I started to get much more comfortable with them (with only one near fall).
  • Fun task of the week was finding someone to lead a beatbox workshop with my choir and to help us realise an arrangement. Friday afternoon video calls are definitely enhanced by facial percussion.

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