Weeknotes #63: taxing

  • January comes to a close and I’ve been studiously avoiding going to the gym because of 100k cases of ‘rona a day, so despite doing a chunk of cycling I’m feeling a bit grotty and unfit. As case numbers plateau I’m struggling with the idea of returning to group exercise like F45 (which I enjoyed at the end of 2021), but now might be the time to just Get On With It.
  • Our washing machine flooded two weeks ago and this week the door failed. J fixed it both times but it might be time for a new one. We’ve had it 12 years. Is that a good innings? Apparently that is double the average lifespan. Such excitement.
  • Did my tax return a few days early! This wasn’t incredibly painful but the whole transparency of upfront payments on account could be better.
  • I’m finishing up one of my bigger contracts at the end of March and starting to think about lining up a bit more work for Spring and Summer. To help with this I plan to write case studies of the things I’ve achieved with clients in the last couple of years (been too busy to do it), and articulate what I’m looking for next.
  • All of this sounds easy when I write it like that, but this kind of activity is, in fact, my kryptonite. Helpful suggestions welcome.
  • Relatedly, Why is LinkedIn so cringe?
  • There are plans slowly entering the diary for dinners, theatre visits, concerts and other things. Oh my.
  • Still no Sue Gray.

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